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Here’s how To Take The Best Pictures Possible On Your Smartphone



If you have a smartphone, that small looking item has the capacity to change your reality if you know how best to leverage it. Why? Because it has a great camera built in it, but it seems tapping a button on the screen often sends a small quake through your device and you end up with a blurry picture.

The good news however is that there are a number of easy ways to get around frustrating quirks and get the best pictures possible.

Give Your Phone a Moment
It is necessary for you to allow your phone adjust to the lighting conditions. When you first pull up your camera app, don’t snap immediately; as the picture could come out a bit discoloured or weird-looking. Instead, give the camera a second to adjust.

Use an App
Your phone comes with a basic camera app, which generally provides a no-frills point-and-shoot experience with limited ability to edit pictures.

You can do better. Look for options that allow you to eliminate camera shakiness and to substantially edit a picture’s appearance to get the colour and sharpness you want.

If you make use of iOS, you can get all of this with Camera+, while Android owners can opt for Camera Zoom FX.

Instagram and Snapchat, in part, because of its addictive filters thatlet you put a different spin on photos—vintage, comic book and an array of other filters. But there’s no need to lock yourself into the social-networking service.

Other apps offer plenty of customizable filters. Try VSCO Cam, available for most iOS and Android devices. Not only does it offer a bevy of built-in options, but it also allows you to purchase others (such as specific packs for, say, “Portraits,” “Faded and Moody,” or
“Bright + Warm”) for a small fee.

Tap to Focus
While this is quite obvious, a lot of people easily forget it. Anytime you’re taking a picture on your smartphone, don’t forget to tap your finger on the area you want tohave pop in the picture.

Doing so will that you capture the exact thing you want and not any random thing around the person you intend to snap.

Try a Clip-on Lens
While you can zoom in with your phone’s built-in camera, the reality is, your phone’s equipment is only cropping the image. It lacks the parts to zero in properly, so zoomed pictures will most likely turn out grainy.

For a true zoom, you may want to buy a snap-on lens for your phone. It can cost anywhere between 5,000 to 35,000 Naira. So make sure to read product reviews to find the right one for your phone.

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