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Three dead in violent clash between herders, farmers in Niger State



Herders and farmers clash in Niger State leaves three dead

A violent clash between herders and farmers resulted in the deaths of three individuals in Kwali village, Gwada, Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State on Thursday, escalating tensions in the area.

The herders and farmers clash reportedly began with a disagreement between a farmer, Salihu Adamu, and a herdsman, Usman Sarki.

According to sources, Sarki led his cows onto Adamu’s farm, causing damage to the crops. This led to a serious confrontation between the two men.

After the initial altercation, Adamu returned to his work, but Sarki, still aggrieved, allegedly attacked Adamu from behind with a machete, killing him on the spot.

In retaliation, villagers mobilized and tracked Sarki to his settlement, where they lynched him and another individual. This act of vengeance prompted a reprisal attack from the herdsmen, who invaded Kwali village, setting houses and food barns ablaze.

Confirming the incident, SP Wasiu Abiodun, the Public Relations Officer of the Niger State Police Command, stated that the command received information about the feud from the Gwada Division.

Abiodun detailed that during the confrontation, Sarki inflicted a fatal machete wound on Adamu, leading to his immediate death.

“As a result of this, some persons from the village mobilized and burned the nearby Fulani camp and vice versa,” Abiodun explained. He added that a patrol team from the Gwada Division, along with vigilante members, responded to the scene and restored order.

Efforts are ongoing to apprehend the suspects responsible for the killings and arson in the area.

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