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Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola




– Bitter kola is a plant with numerous benefits.
– Africans believe that eating kola prolongs your life.

Bitter kola is a plant with numerous benefits. This a plant that originated from Africa. This plant is highly used in different tribes for different cultural reasons. Again, bitter kola is commonly known for it health benefits.

Moreover in Africa the other parts of this plant is used for traditional medicine. Furthermore, bitter kola is a great source for minerals and vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, fiber, calcium, potassium and iron.

Here are the health benefits present in bitter kola:

Cures Impotence
Impotence is the inability to copulate. Difficulty in maintaining an erection during intercourse. It helps to raise the blood flow towards the genital area thereby solving the erectile dysfunction.

Enhance sexual performance
Bitter kola could help those with low libido. It improves the sexual performance of a man. This is one of the reasons bitter kola has remain famous.

Improves Male Fertility
It is important for married men to be able to please their partner. In order to please your spouse for better performance try munching bitter kola. Improve your fertility by chewing bitter kola for better result. copyright

Lengthens lifespan
Africans believe that eating kola prolongs your life. Although, this is not scientifically proven. Coupled with all the health benefits, bitter kola could also contribute to living a healthy and long life. Moreover, studies show that those that keeping a healthy life live longer than those that do not.

No side effects
Medical experts all over the world have agree that there are no side effects for eating bitter kola. Altogether, bitter kola can be used for natural cure.

Research shows that kola is an effective antibiotic with abilities to remove toxins. Consuming it shields you from infection and poison that could be gotten from bacteria.

Maintain immunity system
Antioxidants found in bitter kola helps your body to raise its immunity system. Similarly, this makes your body combats harmful bacteria.

Fights cold
It could be use to treat sore throat and cold. It has been use by those suffering from cold and its symptoms like cough. Likewise, it effectively works for sore throat.                                                                   Source:


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