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“He is never happy” — Chelsea boss opens up on Blues icon



"He is never happy" -- Chelsea boss opens up on Blues icon

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has addressed defender Thiago Silva’s emotional reactions during the Blues’ recent Premier League 3-2 victory over Luton Town, acknowledging Silva’s tendency to express his frustrations openly.

Silva’s visible discontent was evident at the end of the match as he gestured to the cameras before engaging in a heated conversation with Enzo Fernandez on the field.

Speaking about Silva’s response, Pochettino empathized with the veteran defender, recognizing his passionate nature. In an interview with TNT Sport, Pochettino remarked,

“Thiago is like this. He is always moaning and never happy – but that is good.”

Pochettino further elaborated on Silva’s commitment and determination despite his age, highlighting the defender’s relentless desire to contribute positively to the team.

He explained,

“He is 39 years old and still playing. I think sometimes we are there on the pitch, but sometimes it’s the small details. You want to show that you want to help the team, and your emotion is there.”