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He Is A Disciplined Man—Paul Pogba Exposes Ex-United Star



He Is A Disciplined Man—Paul Pogba Exposes Ex-United Star

The media may communicate a different narrative regarding Cristiano Ronaldo, but former Manchester United star, Paul Pogba, remembers things very differently from how the star is being talked about in public.

Paul Pogba, a midfielder for Juventus, remembers Cristiano Ronaldo’s demeanor in the Manchester United locker room when they were teammates.

After Ronaldo left Juventus and came back to Manchester United after leaving for 12 years, they shared a locker room last season.

Both the Frenchman and the Portuguese have played for Juventus throughout their careers and have spent two seasons with the Red Devils.

However, the France international only played on the same field as Ronaldo once, and he has plenty to say about the former Real Madrid player’s perspective on the game.

“The discipline of Ronaldo was unbelievable – I’ve never seen this. The discipline is on another level,” Paul Pogba said in a recent interview.

“Someone that’s been there every single day and doesn’t stop – that’s Cristiano.

“Every day! Some days you’re like, I’m ok! But he doesn’t miss one day. His discipline to do it every single day – this is something.”

Following Manchester United’s termination of his contract just before the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently a free agent.