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Having a Small Penis didn’t Stop Me—Wayne Rooney during Team Talk



Having a Small Penis didn’t Stop Me—Wayne Rooney

Manchester United legend, Wayne Rooney has been on the media lately and mostly in part due to his criticisms of ex-teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo, but this time, one of his bizarre team talks in the MLS has come into focus to make the current manager even more popular.

Wayne Rooney told his DC United teammates a story about how he has a “small penis” in an attempt to inspire them.

The former England captain’s return to life in America hasn’t been smooth; since taking over in July, he has won only two games.

The manager reportedly told his team a narrative about overcoming his challenges as a man with a “small penis” in an effort to inspire them.

The report claims that Wayne Rooney using the penis joke to motivate his team didn’t sit well with his players.

“It was very funny and he hoped using personal references would make it look like the speech was from the heart,” the source told the Sun.

“But the majority of his side were left bemused and struggled to understand what his sex life and size of his manhood had anything to do with what happens on the pitch.

“A few of the young lads were horrified. They don’t share the same British sense of humour.”

Rooney and his team really needed to take a good, long, hard look at where they went wrong during the American season after that team talk.

They finished last in the MLS Eastern Conference, losing 21 of their 34 league games, and were 21 points outside the playoffs.

The manager failed to prevent Derby County from being relegated to the third tier following their 21 point reduction during his brief but ultimately unsuccessful tenure there last season. He left the club at the end of the season.

In fact, DC United breached league regulations to install the 37-year-old as manager after he took over for interim manager Chad Ashton in July.

The team violated the league’s diversity requirements for selecting managers, which call for at least two managers to come from “underrepresented groups” to be on the short list of candidates.