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Harry Kane transfer to Bayern Munich takes dramatic turn



Harry Kane transfer to Bayern Munich takes dramatic turn

In a surprising twist of transfer events, German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich have redirected their attention to Nigerian forward Victor Osimhen after facing a setback in their pursuit of Harry Kane.

After having their €70 million bid for the Tottenham Hotspur striker rejected this week, Bayern Munich has had to put their potential deal for Kane on hold.

The Premier League club reportedly demands a staggering €90 million for the services of the prolific England international.

According to the renowned Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport, Bayern Munich is reluctant to meet Napoli’s hefty €180 million asking price for Osimhen but is prepared to offer over €100 million for the promising Nigerian talent. The Bavarian side, under the leadership of manager Thomas Tuchel, views Osimhen as a more attractive option due to his younger age and potential for future growth.

As Bayern Munich weighs their options, Harry Kane, who will turn 30 on July 28, is inching closer to the threshold of his footballing prime.

The club’s decision to turn their attention to Osimhen, who is currently 24 years old, underscores their long-term strategic planning and desire to secure a forward with significant potential for further development.

However, it remains uncertain whether Bayern Munich’s proposed offer of €100 million will be sufficient to convince Napoli to part ways with Osimhen.

Recent reports suggest that the Italian club has already rejected a substantial €100 million bid from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for the Nigerian striker. Napoli values Osimhen’s talent highly and is determined to hold out for a more substantial transfer fee.

The potential acquisition of Victor Osimhen by Bayern Munich would undoubtedly bolster their attacking options and provide them with a dynamic and promising forward for the future. Osimhen has showcased his abilities on the pitch, impressing with his pace, goal-scoring prowess, and technical skills.

As negotiations and discussions unfold between the clubs involved, football enthusiasts eagerly await the resolution of this transfer saga.

Bayern Munich’s pursuit of Osimhen highlights their commitment to strengthening their squad, while Napoli faces the challenge of balancing financial gain with the desire to retain one of their prized assets. Only time will reveal whether a deal can be reached that satisfies all parties involved.