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Halloween: Kim Jong-un dominates costumes




Halloween: Kim Jong-un dominates costumes



As long as the Pyongyang despot does not make good on his vow to obliterate his enemies with a nuclear missile, it seems Halloween partygoers can expect to celebrate Halloween imitating Kim.

Kim Jong un masks have become popular shopping items ahead of Halloween
Sales of masks bearing the dictator’s likeness have surged online, ahead of Halloween on October 31.

Online shoppers have been snapping up a variety of Kim-inspired facewear, ranging from 99p cardboard masks to full latex headgear costing anywhere between £22 and £100 – of varying degrees of quality.

Kim has dominated the headlines this year, thanks to his continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and his increasingly incendiary war-of words with US President Donald Trump.

The prospect of nuclear apocalypse has haunted the globe for most of this year, so it is perhaps unsurprising fancy dress lovers are deciding to pay tribute to the crisis’ two key players.


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