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Governor Makinde addresses Hijab wearing crisis in Osun state



Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has again addressed the hijab-wearing crisis rocking Osun and  Kwara states, saying he won’t introduce policies that will lead to a religious crisis in the state.

As contained in a statement, Makinde, noted his government will not tamper with the codes that guarantee religious freedom and harmony in the state.

Makinde, while speaking further, explained that the status quo regarding the matter as contained in a circular dated October 27, 2013, remains.

“In accordance with the government circular letter dated October 27, 2013, the government of Oyo State through the Ministry of Education had resolved among other things as follows:

“In Muslim named/faith-based public schools, the usage/wearing of hijab as part of the school uniform is allowed in accordance with Islamic tradition/religious belief of student who may wish to do so.

“In Christian named/faith-based public schools, the student’s uniform should be in line with the established tradition of the school and Christian religion.

“In Community-based public schools, the usage/wearing of a common hijab/beret by female students is permissible. This is however optional for parents/students who wish to do so,” he said.

Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde is a Nigerian businessman, politician and philanthropist who is the Governor of Oyo State since 29 May, 2019. He is an engineer and a subject matter expert on fluid and gas metering.

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