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Genevieve Nnaji’s Response



Genevieve Nnaji

Ace actress, Genevieve Nnaji is someone the social media has paid close watch on over the last few days with her social media handles being carefully monitored by fans and critics alike after news broke on her health status.

Since then, a lot of talks have rummaged online, with the actress over night becoming a content creator for virtually everyone to talk about.

Popular and controversial Instagram blog, Gistlovers claimed that the actress had been down with mental health issues for some months and had been hospitalized in Houston Texas, USA.

It was a news leak that the Actress’s camp had tried to keep off the media spotlight and genuinely for good reasons, considering now she has become somewhat an unwitting puppet for everyone to talk about; some genuine sympathizers, others publicity stunt actors seeking for the minute fame.

Although, another tidbit has popped up with a video that was released online featuring the actress, in response to the news that had being peddled of her dealing with a mental ailment that had been induced by drug abuse.

The video shows the Nollywood icon in a discreet location engaging in some painting artwork which was shared on her Instagram story as a direct response to the internet.

As intended, the video obviously has the world trying to figure out its meaning or an angle to shape in quest for content to keep the internet afloat.

Whatever Genevieve is up to, it sure is working, but godspeed to her in whatever she is dealing with though.