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Free Gift: The Good Fight by Les & Leslie Parrot



How many of you have ever struggled with conflict in your relationship? It’s inevitable. Recent research reveals that the average married couple argues about small, nagging things as much as 312 times per year.This means most couples experience a tug-of-war of some kind on a near daily basis. It also means that conflicts in marriage are endemic. The point is, if you are in a relationship, you have got to learn to fight it out fairly.

Whether you fight a little or a lot, this book is for you. Whether you are dating, engaged, newly married, or married for decades, this book is for you. If you are tired of squabbles, quarrels, and conflicts that assault your love life or if you just want to ensure that they don’t, this book is for you. This book offers practical help for turning those tiresome moments into milestones that mark deeper intimacy and greater passion for each other. This
book is for every couple who wants their relationship to be “love at first sight”.

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