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Firmino still has more to Offer—Danny Murphy defends



Firmino still has more to Offer—Danny Murphy defends

Commentators singing Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino’s name used to be a thing till it wasn’t as Firmino fell under the radar in games more times than not in recent seasons.

The Brazilian’s poor form became something of a criticism for pundits and fans to the extent some rival fans tag his role as a false 9 as more of a defensive striker.

The loss to Manchester United at Old Trafford came to personal for Firmino with criticisms raining high over his poor performance in the game that saw him become a false player than a false 9 like he is most known for.

For former Liverpool player, Danny Murphy, he believes the player’s glory days aren’t over yet, contrary to what many think of the Brazilian.

He backs the player to play more impact in Liverpool’s season than he has before, noting that Firmino for all he is worth would be remembered for his quality which Murphy believes the Brazilian still possesses,

It should be recalled that the 30 year old has provided incredible performances that has seen the club win the Premier League and Champions League during his stay in Liverpool, particularly the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons.

“I think it gave everyone a reminder of his quality,” Murphy told TalkSPORT .

Firmino still has more to Offer—Danny Murphy defends

“Last season his confidence dropped a bit with the signings of Jota and Diaz, he started to feel a little bit unloved and he wasn’t quite at it compared to years gone by.

“But what he’s achieved in a Liverpool shirt will never be forgotten. I still think he can have a big impact, and the great thing about Firmino being fit and hungry is that it means you don’t have to be as reliant on a young player in Nunez who was a massive amount of money, pressure on his shoulders, they can pick and choose his games if Firmino is at it.

“He’s been with Jurgen Klopp a long time. He’s made that false nine a position that other teams have… it’s been there before, Spain did it with Fabregas and other teams have done it over the years, but not like he’s done it.

“He could still have a huge say in what Liverpool achieve this season and he could be a huge bonus for Jurgen in that he won’t have to rely as much on Nunez. I think he can pick and choose.

“He doesn’t get in behind and he doesn’t get lots of chances, but he makes Liverpool tick.”

Judging from his performance in the 9-0 victory, Danny Murphy very much does have a point in his narrative, and it can be said that Liverpool often times don’t play well each time Roberto Firmino has a bad game.