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Fetty Wap’s Baby Mamas Reportedly Get Into Knife Brawl!



Fetty Wap’s baby mama, Alexis Skyy was reportedly involved in yet another tussle. After her altercation with Blac Chyna, she reportedly had a brawl with another one of Fetty Wap’s baby mama’s, leading to one of them getting locked up after a knife was pulled.

Lezhae Lowder and Alexis Skyy reportedly got into a fight after Skyy and her entourage pulled up to a bar in New Jersey where Lowder was working looking for trouble.

When Skyy entered the club, Lowder attempted to fight Skyy the moment she stepped to her at her place of employment and a fight ensued. After a brief exchange of fisticuffs, Lowder allegedly threw bottles at Skyy after she was escorted out of the building.

After leaving, Skyy reportedly went home for the night, while her entourage went to meet up at a nearby restaurant. Allegedly, Lowder later pulled up looking for Skyy when she was met by her entourage.

Somewhere during an exchange of words between Lowder and the group, Lowder allegedly pulled out a knife and confronted them.

The situation escalated to the point of a physical fight, and police were reportedly called to the scene to arrest Lowder and later charged her with misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

Lowder has since explained that while she had a box cutter and mase on her key ring, she only threatened to use it so she wouldn’t be jumped by Skyy’s entourage.

“What part did y’all not understand??” wrote Lowder on her Instagram story. “The box cutter was already in the car…been in the and the mace is attached to my keys. […] Instead of her hopping out the car first, she had all these f**** big b****s like 2-3x my size and n****s get out first.

“I hopped out and told them I’m not bout to just sit here and ley’all jump me. I told Alexis straight to her face I’ll put my box cutter and mace in my cousin hand so we can shoot a fair fade and she ended being the only person out of all of us to walk away untouched.”

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