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Female evangelist advices bachelors to emulate Mercy Chinwo’s husband, Pastor Blessed



A Female Nigerian evangelist has considered Mercy Chinwo’s husband, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa, the ideal husband men should emulate.

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In a post shared on Facebook, the evangelist, Onee Zeh has tackled bachelors who expect a woman to marry like the newly wedded Gospel Singer, Mercy Chinwo.

Giving her two cents and a piece of advice, Onee Zeh mocked those in question that they will ever get to find a wife like the gospel artiste when they dye their hair and also pull their trousers below the waist.

Citing Pastor Blessed as the perfect husband, the evangelist opined that the Pastor dresses well and takes care of himself, which is why he was able to attract a good wife like Mercy.

Read the full statement below;

”This is pastor Blessed, Mercy Chinwo’s husband. Men need to Learn a lot from him: his charisma, his fashion sense and most importantly, his humility and wealth.

Have you seen him?

He is a 33 yrs old perfect and decent gentle man who controls and preaches to a whole congregation, he is a celebrity pastor, an IT professional, with a networth of over a 100million naira.

Men, you need to know that being like pastor Blessed, dressing like him, and getting his type of haircut will never go out of fashion. Modesty and decency will never go out of fashion.

Look at his hair cut, did you see dreds, mopping stick, locs, conrows, French cut fade haircut, galax haircut on his head? Nahh! He simply went on low cut and he killed it. Decency can never be outdated.

Men of now adays are something else, they just can’t get a modest haircut and rest. How can you find yourself a good wife like Ms Mercy Chinwo when you dye your hair gold and draw your trousers down below your waist.

Look at him again, did you see his beard?

It connects EFFORTLESSLY. Look at it naawww, pictures don’t lie. How many men of today have connected beards? Princesses everywhere! Be like pastor Blessed to get a good wife like Mercy.

Now, look at his outfit. Did you see anywhere he wore oversize shirts and low waist crazy jeans? check all his pictures, have you ever seen him in crazy jeans, he dresses modestly. See how, from head to toes, he is well covered. not like these woke men who loosen the first two buttons of their shirts to reveal fake abs and fake chains.

Now, check his neck and fingers. Did you see any fake diamond necklace there? Apart from the wedding ring, did you see any other thing there? Yet, he is rich. but you that has 40naira as your net worth has 5 fake gold chains on your neck, 3 rings on your fingers; all fake! Again, decency can never go out of fashion. never!

Did you see him holding a cup of alcohol or smoking? He will live long and prosper for choosing to be a role model in a time when our boys and men have lost the real sense of morality!

My kings, please, you do not have to subscribe to these woke generation’s indecent fashion sense and lifestyle to stand out. Decency is never out of fashion. You will get yourself a good wife like Mercy Chinwo if you do well and remain decent, dress modest, get modest hair cut, have and keep connecting beards and have money like Pastor Blessed.

May this couple never have any reason to be sad. Amen.

Evangelist Onee Zeh’
How can you find yourself a good wife like Mercy Chinwo when you dye your hair gold and draw your trousers below your waist? - Nigerian evangelist tells bachelors to emulate the gospel singer

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