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Father of Texas Elementary School shooter apologizes



It was probably one of the dark days for residents of Texas and Americans in general as Salvador Ramos made it into a school filled with children to unleash an onslaught on harmless civilians, including children.

His father, identified as Salvador Sr, aged 42 has now tendered an apology for his son’s action that resulted in the massacre of 21 people including 19 young children, saying his son ‘should have just killed me’ instead.

Salvador Sr, in his apology, revealed he ‘never expected’ his youngest child to go on a killing spree, describing the boy rather as ‘a good person’ who ‘stuck to himself.’

‘I don’t want them calling him a monster… they don’t know nothing, man,’ he said. ‘They don’t know anything he was going through.’ The father defended.

Ramos Sr believed his son was the quiet kind who naturally was never inclined to violence or to hurt anyone, but rather grew angrier as he got older.

The anger resulted in him shooting his grandma in the head after an argument, few hours prior to the massacre he unleashed at the school.

Ramos Sr also blamed the rift created between himself and his son because his mother had been suffering from cancer, and due to isolating himself with her because of Covid restrictions.


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