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Famous Movies That Could Have Killed People



Famous Movies That Could Have Killed People

Famous Movies That Could Have Killed People

When movies get so famous to the extent that everyone knows them, it’s either it did something really good or very bad, but in this category, we look at famous movies that could have killed someone.

Films; do kill people or let’s rephrase it; films can kill people, especially the kinds that do tend to have lots of action stunts involved or scenes that somehow are uncharacteristically safe to film.

It is the ideal thing for a movie set to be safe and all but most often times, it is the opposite especially when it comes to Hollywood sets.

Some Hollywood directors and filmmakers do tend to go with practical effects in their films where they ensure that there is little to no use of Computer Generated Imageries and more of wire works and riggers.

This riggers on the other hand are where the risks come in as it gets to put its stars in dangers during stunt actions as anything could go wrong during its filming.

We have heard of Jackie Chan needing the treatment table, we have heard of the Mission Impossible film being shut down for weeks after its star Tom Cruise had sustained an injury on set, we have also heard the tale of stunt actors/ doubles who died on set from a stunt.

This list brings to light some other instances and films where an actor almost died during filming.

Now You See Me (2013):

Of course, there is nothing in this film to suggest why anyone would almost die in it, seeing as it was basically about street magicians comically engaging in heists to defraud their targets.

Famous Movies That Could Have Killed People

But actually, there was a particular scene in this movie where one of its actors; Isla Fisher almost drowned. And the ironic part of this story is that, it was written into the scene of the movie.

The scene basically had the character Fisher was portraying to act like she was in shock and drowning. So when the scene actually went on and was filming, the director and the production crew had no idea that the actress was actually in danger.

It felt like she was acting, because it was part of the script. It only took timely intervention before anyone could realize the actress was really in danger.

The Hunger Games

There’s just something about this franchise that appeals to the modern world we live in, specifically in Nigeria.

It basically is about an elite group of leaders putting its civilian population through gruesome yearly hunger games where people get to kill and hunt themselves much to the enjoyment of its elite leaders.

A story line such as this would call for the film’s production to actually have an element of danger to it.

Rightly so, it did.

The leading lady, Jennifer Lawrence who got her fame from the movie while portraying Katnis Everdeen, did a lot of her own stunts.

These stunts resulted in a lot of scrapes and bruises.

Much more than that, was when the cast had to swim in some very cold and dirty water for the second movie. Several of its cast ended up with hard bumps, ear infections and Lawrence, the lead suffered a broken eardrum.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Famous Movies That Could Have Killed People

The practical effects from 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road earned a lot of praise as being some of the best of all time.

But that acclaim didn’t come without a cost as director George Miller was said to have placed his cast and crew through some of the most dangerous conditions to create what people now see as a masterpiece.

Its action scenes were filmed in the African desert where just standing in 150-degree heat could kill someone.

In addition, the region was well known for violence with Africa’s various civil wars making the shoot even riskier.

The action scenes itself were more deadly as its stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron suffered near fatal falls from the action.

Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds is undoubtedly one of Quentin Tarantino’s best films, but it also happens to be one of his most dangerous films.

It featured a climax where a character plans to burn down a theater-playing Nazi propaganda film that will kill all the high-ranking Nazis that were inside.

To film the scene, Tarantino had a big movie screen lit on fire.

Famous Movies That Could Have Killed People

As it comes with fire, things certainly got out of hand. The flames began to rage out of control, coming close to burning the cast and crew.

But the catch was, the film director, Tarantino couldn’t call cut as they had only one chance at getting the scene right.

Well, thankfully no one died or else, Mr. Tarantino could have had his day in court.