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EventKernel.com, the latest event marketplace where vendors and buyers meet


Planning an event sometimes means your head is booting a million and one things at once; Bride’s dresses, table set up, jewelry, the right material for the Agbada gang, makeup, souvenirs …and of course the world-famous party Jollof. Too many things and so much stress. Not anymore, as eventkernel.com is your one-stop-shop for all that.

The maximum speed of the fastest runner in history can’t come close to that of a Power Bike let alone an Aeroplane. This says a lot about the automation of activities by technology. As our friends from Warri would say “No be by muscle”. The event industry in Nigeria is massive as almost all achievements are celebrated. A wonderful “Owambe party” is a result of excellent work done by all the event professionals involved.

Event management comes with so many challenges, no groom would like to have a stressed-out Bride on the D-day. Can you imagine a bride-to-be stressing herself to get an excellent and affordable Fashion designer to sew a Bespoke wedding gown for her? This question identifies two evident issues.

Firstly, we have a lot of extremely talented Fashion designers to get this job done but they are all dispersed on Instagram hoping for likes and recommendations by grateful Customers to make them famous. This can be likened to a green tennis ball being searched within a thick green bush. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is a good repository for a Professional’s excellent works, the issue is the difficulty in locating a wealth of specialised Professionals within a location. That has been fixed as eventkernel.com was developed to make Event Professionals located easily irrespective of their location or the number of recommendations they have thus benefiting all parties involved in the Event Industry.

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Secondly, why should the bride-to-be undergo so much stress when She can pick up her phone, visit eventkernel.com and locate the perfect Fashion designer to sew her Bespoke wedding gown?

Unemployment can be defined as a situation where people that are capable and willing to do work are unemployed. A talented Event Professional that is not located by potential Event Clients is unemployed. With eventkernel.com, Event professionals which include Caterers, Musicians, Fashion designers, Hairdressers, Make-up artists, Photographers and Videographers, Event planners, Master of Ceremonies (MCs), Disc jockeys (DJs), Hall rental companies, Ushers, Decorators, Graphic Designers, Drink sellers, Perfumers, Rental companies, Cloth and Shoe sellers, Accessory sellers, Security companies, Professional cleaners, Barbers and so on get employment opportunities while Event Clients organize their events with ease so it’s a win for all stakeholders involved in the Event Industry.

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In a nutshell, eventkernel.com is the one stop shop for event professionals. Let us embrace efficient automation in the event industry and reap its reward. Head straight to eventkernel.com


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