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Euro 2024: Popular photograph reveals why Ronaldo cried



Euro 2024: Popular photograph reveals why Ronaldo cried

Being Cristiano Ronaldo has its merit despite it having its downside at times. There stands for him fans ready to defend his status with every dying breathe or even conjure up conspiracy theories to explain certain events concerning the Portugal captain.

This is no different for popular Nigerian Sports photo-journalist, Pooja. Pooja who is a renowned Ronaldo fan, following the former Manchester United player’s penalty miss at the Euros versus Slovenia, took to his Twitter page to post a theory.

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The photo-journalist alleges that Ronaldo’s tears after the miss was all an act and a psychological tactic by the 5-time golden ball win to steal the game from the Slovenians.

According to Pooja, Ronaldo did this to ease Slovenia’s goalie, Oblak and his teammates into the game with faux confidence of having the edge over Portugal.

With full confidence, Pooja alleges this allows Slovenia to undermine Portugal’s capabilities in stealing the tie.

A psychological game play, Pooja insists as he hails the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner.

However, Pooja’s theory is a little too far-fetched there knowing the personality of Cristiano Ronaldo and his passion for winning.

The Portugal captain crying or not, converting his spot kick would have given the former European Champions the advantage without pushing the game to penalty kicks.