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“Enough!” — Onome Ebi blows hot on Instagram



"Enough!" -- Onome Ebi blows hot on Instagram

Super Falcons captain, Onome Ebi has had enough of her critics and isn’t staying silent anymore.

Taking to her social media page on Instagram, the 41-year-old slammed the ongoing allegations about her ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympics. The Nigerian Women International in the recently released squad list for the 2024 tournament, was excluded from the team with reports alleging prior to its release that she had lobbied for a spot ahead of the Paris games.

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In a heated Instagram post, Onome Ebi fiercely addressed clickbait bloggers who have circulated false stories about her involvement in the upcoming Paris Olympics. The 41-year-old defender took to social media to set the record straight and express her frustration.

“I WILL SAY THIS TODAY‼️ I woke up like 3 days ago to see my pictures and tag stories about me online saying I am begging to be in the Olympics team and even some NFF officials were pressuring the coach for me to go for the Olympics. SMH❗️” Ebi wrote in her post.

Ebi clarified that she was never part of the Olympic program from the start. She emphasized that she respected the coach Randy Waldrum’s decision to focus on younger players for the Olympics and had no intention of forcing her way into the team.

“I was never in the picture of the Olympics program from the start 🤔😠. To the person that paid you bloggers to tarnish my image, God will visit you personally and all the bloggers that posted the stories without confirmation mostly (blogger ifeoluwa he/she).”

Expressing her disappointment, Ebi reflected on her long-standing dedication to the national team, having served the country for over 20 years.

“I have served the country for more than #20 Good Years and will always represent my country when called upon and fit to play until I retire 🫡🙌⚽️,” she asserted.

Ebi concluded her post with a warning to those spreading false information, invoking divine justice against them.

“The bloggers writing all the false stories about me for whatever reasons, my God will visit you all. You all should continue your assignment because you’re winning now, but until my God visit you all, you will for sure find me to beg and apologize.

“You all will suffer endlessly for using my name and misleading the people by posting false news about me.”

Onome Ebi isn’t the only Super Falcons player speaking ahead of the tournament, with Francesca Ordega recently caught in a wobble with the head coach, Randy Waldrum.