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Embodied Inc Latest Robot: Moxie



Embodied Inc's Moxie



Embodied, Inc. recently launched a robot called Moxie that combines cutting-edge technology to help children develop emotional and social skills. Moxie is a tiny Pixar-like robot with big eyes in a cute and dynamic virtual face. It chats with children in a natural manner to help kids with social, emotional or cognitive problems.

Issues such as loneliness and social isolation are common in all age groups. For many people this has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating robots that can help emotionally was a childhood dream of Embodied Inc. founder Paolo Pirjanian. He brings years of experience in the commercialization of robots at iRobot to his work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

How Embodied Inc’s Moxie Helps in Emotional Situations

Moxie uses a built-in physical robot, with content and interactions that are personalized for each child. That way, you can grade it’s emotional intelligence.

It will likely help and guide the elderly, and ultimately treat people of all ages in a variety of contexts. Moxie’s visual AI enables you to track and observe the user in real time, so you have a more focused and engaging interaction.

Moxie has a few other important human-like elements too – it makes mistakes and it learns. Instead of a completely pre-built chatbot, Moxie has a real personality and will learn from you over the course of an interaction.

Technology Behind Embodied Inc’s Moxie

New interactions “unlock” new content and behavior. to further involve the child in a goal-oriented manner. The AI ​​in Moxie is based on a technology stack that is 70-80% proprietary. It contains a language model that is similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, but much smaller. The latest GPT-3 model has ~ 175 billion machine learning parameters, while Moxie runs on a model with ~ 1.8 billion parameters. This smaller language model allows Moxie to run on inexpensive processors, but the implications of this approach and design go well beyond cost efficiency.

Moxie is expected to launch later this year with a price of about $1500. An annual subscription of $60 is attached after the first year.


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