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Defeat promised Consort Radahn with our Elden Ring Final Boss guide



Embark on the ultimate challenge in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree against Promised Consort Radahn video game, the formidable final boss awaiting at Enir-Ilim’s legacy dungeon.

Prepare thoroughly for this epic encounter, where survival demands mastering both strategy and resilience.

Preparing for the Promised Consort Radahn Boss Fight

Elden Ring final boss guide: Defeating Promised Consort Radahn requires meticulous preparation:

Elden Ring final boss guide

Having NPC allies certainly helps.

  1. Enhance Your Capabilities: Gather Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes to strengthen your character and summons.

  2. Summon Support: Utilize multiple summons like Mimic Tear, Banished Knight Oleg, Thiollier, and Ansbach for additional firepower.

  3. Equip Essential Gear: Obtain defensive talismans like Golden Braid and Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +2 for resilience against holy and physical damage.

  4. Choose Your Weapons: Opt for armors and weapons with high holy resistance such as Red Bear’s Claw, Blasphemous Blade, and Dark Moon Greatsword.

  5. Prepare Mentally: Keep runes minimal to ease retrieval during combat, ensuring the focus remains on the battle.

Phase 1: Promised Consort Radahn

Elden Ring final boss guide

Radahn’s Meteor Dive must be avoided at all costs.

Navigate through Radahn’s relentless assault in phase one:

  • Meteor Dive: Dodge his initial aerial attack as he dive-bombs onto your position.

  • Meteor Rain: Evade falling rocks summoned by Radahn while maintaining your position.

  • Gravity Pull: Beware of his gravitational pull followed by a ground-shaking stomp.

  • Melee Combos: Anticipate Radahn’s multi-strike combos, requiring precise dodging and counter-attacks.

Phase 2: Radahn Consort of Miquella

Summoned spirits and NPCs can take the brunt of the damage, giving you more time to find an opening.

As the battle intensifies in phase two, adapt to Radahn’s augmented abilities:

  • Holy Bombardment: Sidestep Radahn’s holy beams, initiated at the phase’s onset.

  • Lightspeed Slash: React swiftly to his rapid slashing attacks.

  • Heavenly Eruption: Brace against frontal AoE damage from Radahn’s ground eruption.

  • Holy Hug: Avoid being hugged twice, as the second embrace proves fatal.

Promised Consort Radahn Remembrance and Rewards

Conquer Promised Consort Radahn to claim valuable rewards:

  • Greatsword of Radahn (Lord/Light): Choose between colossal swords with distinct abilities and stat requirements.

  • Light of Miquella: Wield an incantation unleashing devastating light-based attacks.

  • Additional Goodies: Acquire Let Us Go Together emote, Circlet of Light head armour, and rewards from completed NPC quests.

Elden Ring final boss guide

Make sure you duplicate Radahn’s Remembrance, unless you want to fight him two more times in succeeding runs.

Prepare yourself for this ultimate showdown in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, and triumph over Promised Consort Radahn to secure your place in the annals of gaming glory. Discover more about rewards and boss strategies with our comprehensive guides.

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