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Echezonachukwu Chinedu Nduka: biography, age, family, net worth




All you need to know about Echezonachukwu Chinedu Nduka popularly know as Echezonachukwu Nduka Let’s take a look at his Biography, Nationality, Career, Age, Net worth, Family.

Echezonachukwu Chinedu Nduka is a Nigerian poet, author, pianist, recording artist, and musicologist specializing in piano music by West African composers. His work has been featured on BBC, Radio Nacional Clasica de Argentina, Radio France International, and Classical Journey.
Nduka was born in Onitsha, Nigeria to an Anglican clergyman and educationist. He was born 19 July 1989, presently 32 years of age.
He attended several mission schools as a result of his parent’s vocation as church ministers who were often transferred to various stations. Nduka atender Bishop Crowther Seminary, Awka. In 2006, he gained admission into the university of Nigeria to study music and graduated magna Cum Laude in 2010.

Thereafter he proceeded to Kingston university London, United Kingdom where he studied as a postgraduate student in music with research interest in Popular, Music Semiology, Songwriting and Comparative musicology.
Nduka’s poem “Etude” won the Bronze Prize at the 4th Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast. In 2016, he emerged winner of the 6th Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast Prize for his poem “Listen”. One of his spoken-word poems titled “We Wear Purple Robes” is a reflection on terrorism in Nigeria. His poems have been published in reputable literary journals and anthologies including Transition Magazine,Sentinel Nigeria, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Kalahari Review, The Bombay Review, Bakwa, African Writer, Jalada, Saraba Magazine, Praxis Magazine for Arts and Literature, BrittlePaper, Tuck Magazine, The New Black Magazine, Black Communion: Poems of 100 New African Poets, From Here to There: A Cross Cultural Poetry Anthology, A Thousand Voices Rising: An Anthology of Contemporary African Poetry, The Solace of Nature: An Anthology of International Poetry, The Bombay Review: An Anthology of Short Fiction and Poetry, among several others. Some of his poems have been translated into Norwegian, French, and Arabic

International Poetic Project:
In the summer of 2015, the third edition of the international poetic project in honour of the legendary Russian poet, singer, songwriter and actor Vladimir Vysotsky was published in the US. The project, which is essentially a world poetry anthology compiled and edited by Marlena Zimna, the Director of Polish Vladimir Vysotsky’s Museum in Koszalin, features Nduka’s Igbo translations of Vladimir Vysotsky’s poems alongside translations in Greek, Hindi, Maori, Xhosa, Meitei, Peru, Fante, Georgian, Cebuano, Maltese, Gujarati, Assamese, French, and several other world languages by notable poets and translators from different parts of the world.
Nduka is currently single and much about his family is not known.
The Bambari poems were partly inspired by some acquaintances I had as an undergraduate. A room named Bambari was famous in certain circles for its occupant’s unending loud reggae music, romantic escapades, cigars, and booze. That said, there’s no particular story behind the poems. I chose to write and place them in that order so as to form a narrative. I simply asked myself, “If you were asked to read a short story and thereafter write eight poems retelling the same story, what would you write?” I thought about it for a while and responded with the poems which now make up that segment.

— 2015: We Wear Purple Robes (Poetry film)

— 2016: Console Me (Short film)

— 2016: Listen (Poetry film)

— 2016: Where the Road Leads (Poetry film) NET WORTH
His net worth has been growing significantly and his source of income is mostly from being a successful Author.