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Doyin Okupe’s gay son, Bolu, flaunts sexy new photos



Bolu Okupe, the son of ex-presidential aide, Doyin Okupe, has shared sexy new photos on social media on Wednesday, in commemoration of Valentine’s day.


Bolu who came out as a gay man in January this year captioned the photos

”I love you”

Doyin Okupe's son, Bolu gay 1

In an Instagram live session, earlier in the year, the 27-year-old also condemned attempts by the country’s leadership to discourage homosexuality, noting that such energy should rather be dissipated into other pressing issues.

“With the whole 14-year law, I bet you for a fact, some people who signed that law are gay themselves. It’s ridiculous,” he said.

“I really do feel sorry for the women. You women should be fighting more for acceptance because a lot of you guys are married to gay men. I am sorry but your whole lives are fake. Your husbands are living in secrecy and leading double lives.

“I feel like some of you know and some of you don’t mind because your husband is rich but some of you didn’t know but discovered later, and it’s heartbreaking.

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