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Don’t touch my hair—Marc Cucurella



Don’t touch my hair—Marc Cucurella

Marc Cucurella has no issues with his hair, it’s his brand, the Spaniard admits in an interview after hilarious controversies from the London derby on Sunday.

Chelsea vs Tottenham was quite the dramatic derby that left a lot to be desired from for Chelsea and their fan base, but for Tottenham, of course they have nothing to be angry for at least, considering they could have lost the game had the game ended at 94 minutes.

Despite the result of things, there were a lot of elements that added to the drama of a derby; Tuchel vs Conte or Anthony Taylor vs Chelsea altogether.

But there was a moment or say moments that were underrated and that had to do with new signing Marc Cucurella or perhaps being a centre of attraction for Spurs’ Cristian Romero.

Don’t touch my hair—Marc Cucurella

At certain moments of the game, fans found lots of concerns to Romero having a go at the Chelsea player’s hair especially during set piece moments and towards the final stages of the game.

Of course, it went unnoticed to match day referee, Anthony Taylor during the game, but the moment had to be brought up again when the new signing sat to have a chat with the media.

The hair being an attraction was one of the things that was asked on; whether there was any chance the player was going to trim it.

Obviously, his answer is something anyone can guess, as the Spaniard hilariously said no.

Cucurella admits though the hair might be disturbing for some or seen as an advantage for others, it was part of him and his style. It was like asking the biblical Samson if he was going to trim his hair.

“No, never! This is my style!” the former Brighton star said.