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‘Don’t allow your education go to waste, get your PVC’, – Okey Bakassi



Nigerian actor and comedian, Okey Bakassi has called out Nigerians urging them to get their permanent voter’s card ready in preparation for voting.

The actor took to his Instagram page on Friday, as he stated that Nigerians should not let all their educational achievements and exposure become useless, but they should rather get their PVCs ready and make their votes count.
He wrote: “Almajiri has a PVC, Mai Shayi has a PVC, Mai barrow has a PVC, Mai Dabino has a PVC, Mai Gworo has a PVC, Gateman has a PVC, Onion and Tomato seller has a PVC, Sugar cane seller has a PVC, BUS Drives and Conductors have PVC, Motor park Agebros have PVC.”
“You a student or a Graduate with BSc or MSC holder with all your education and exposure still don’t have PVC. The worst thing is that you even try to justify why you don’t have one ‘My vote won’t count.
“For the sake of those who paid your school fees and fed you through school, please don’t make all your education and exposure useless with statements like that.”
“If votes don’t count, politicians won’t bribe and pay people to vote them.”
“Go and get your PVC.”
Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule, popularly known as Okey Bakassi is a Nigerian stand-up comedian and actor. In 2014, he won the “Best Actor in a Leading Role (Igbo)” category at the 2014 edition of the Best of Nollywood Awards for his role in the film Onye Ozi.

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