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‘Do not vote with sentiments’, Okorocha urges delegates



Court turns down fresh request to stop Okorocha's probe

Rochas Okorocha has advised delegates to vote without sentiments during the All Progressives Congress presidential primary election.

Okorocha is a Senator representing Imo West and and also a presidential aspirant and has confirmed that the party’s ‘big men’ are also contesting, hence may compel the delegates to vote based on sentiments.

Okorocha spoke shortly after being presented with the APC presidential nomination form procured for him by the New Nigeria Movement on Friday.

He said, “I know you will be under intense pressure brought by religious, ethnic, and political sentiments but one question you must ask yourself is what has been your gain? If you cast your vote by sentiment, don’t blame anyone later”.

Okorocha promised to create wealth for Nigeria when elected President, adding that Nigeria’s current situation calls for a man with the capacity to engage Nigerian youths and women in the productive sector.

He said, “There are so many in the Presidential race, I am not the best aspirant but I am who Nigeria needs to change the ugly narrative. In Nigeria we are going through an abnormal situation, our country is associated with poverty, insecurity, and others, and an ideal person is needed to champion the nation.

“Nigeria requires a builder, not a manager. What I see happening is that many managers are aspiring to manage the nation but you must build first bringing the managers. My only agenda is to create wealth for Nigerians”

Earlier, the spokesman for the New Nigeria Movement, Prince Ebunola Martins, said the group was propelled to purchase the nomination form for the former Imo governor by the desire to rescue Nigeria.

He said Okorocha has the potential to salvage title country, adding that he will not be a tribal candidate but a detribalized Nigerian that will unify the country.