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Dele Momodu reveals why he’ll never contest presidency again



Chief Dele Momodu, former presidential candidate and Chief Executive Officer, Ovation Media Group, has said he will never reconsider contesting the presidency because he does not have the capacity for many things people go through to win such elections, TopNaija understands.


Momodu, who was the presidential candidate of the National Conscience Party in the 2011 elections, argued that it is what candidates go through before they emerge that make it difficult for them to perform when they eventually get into office.

Asked in a recent interview if he would recontest presidency in the future, he said, “The answer is no. Never! I know what it entails and I don’t have it. I have the capacity to run any country effectively but I lack the capacity to go through what you would need to go through to get there, unless they come and offer me on a silver platter in my house and that would be practically impossible.

“I have decided I’m not going to beg or steal money just because I want to serve my country. The reason why a lot of leaders can’t perform in Nigeria is simple; what they go through to get there. No matter how saintly you are, you need the bad guys to win an election because you can’t do it alone.

“So, when you get there, you would be an ingrate to start disturbing the bad guys, because without them, you won’t be there in the first place. For that reason, I don’t have what it takes to get the bad guys to my side, so I would rather stay (away).”

He also called on the President to unite all Nigerians.


Speaking on the debate regarding the region that should produce the next president in 2023, he stated that he never liked zoning but that it’s fair for the South to produce the next president to ensure balancing.

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