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Darwin Nunez should be given 5 match ban—former Chelsea player



Darwin Nunez should be given 5 match ban—Ex Chelsea player

Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez drew the err of fans and the football world alike to his reaction and violent conduct in the match against Crystal Palace on Monday.

So much was his offence that a pundit and a few football fans have even called for his ban to be elongated from a 3 match ban to a 5 match ban for headbutting Joachim Andersen in the Monday night game.

Speaking to talkSport, Jason Cundy explains that the 3 match ban was not a sufficient enough punishment for Darwin Nunez.

Quite alright it was an offence that resulted in a straight red card for the Uruguayan which meant a 3 match ban, but the pundit doesn’t think it is enough a punishment against Nunez.

Darwin Nunez earned his first ever marching orders in his career and the first in his Liverpool career on Monday night after retaliating to a shove by Joachim Andersen.

Darwin Nunez should be given 5 match ban—Ex Chelsea player

The former Tottenham and Chelsea defender claimed that the actions could have caused the Danish centre-back serious damage, saying in the football session:

“The head-butt from Núñez, I think he’ll end up with a bigger ban. It was a disgrace. I think a five-match ban. It’s violent conduct. Headbutting someone – that’s an assault!

“He headbutt him in the face. That for me is more than a three-match ban, what we’ve just seen him do, he could have broken his [Andersen’s] nose.” The pundit said.

Jason Cundy isn’t the only one with the opinion that the Uruguayan acted rather violently in the match, with former Manchester United defender, Gary Neville saying on Sky Sports;

Darwin Nunez should be given 5 match ban—Ex Chelsea player

“It is a proper butt to the underside of the nose. It was a moment of madness. That is stupidity.”

The sending off continues Liverpool’s poor form to the season as they now sit 4 points behind Manchester City after the draws to Fulham and Crystal Palace.

By the time they face off against Manchester United, both clubs could be in a relegation battle as they aim to make a quick return to form.