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Crystal Palace former Owner slams Gary Neville over Boehly comments



Crystal Palace former Owner, Simon Jordan defends Todd Boehly

Former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan wouldn’t allow for any Todd Boehly slander from Gary Neville as he defends Chelsea owner.

Manchester United legend, Gary Neville is quite the divisive figure often times with his statements that many may find controversial.

And for former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan, it happens to be Gary Neville’s recent comments on Chelsea owner, Todd Boehly.

While speaking on talksport, Simon Jordan comes to the defense of the American billionaire against his critic concerning how the businessman chose to run the club.

Crystal Palace former Owner, Simon Jordan defends Todd Boehly

Jordan notes that the Manchester United legend cannot criticize the billionaire for being busy considering Gary Neville would still come at him for not getting his hands dirty.

Neville was quite critical of the American on his recent comments of Boehly treating Chelsea like he’s playing a game of football manager.

Gary Neville in his Overlap analysis accused the London club of ‘panicking’ in the transfer window with Simon Jordan promptly coming in defense.

“How come Gary Neville is saying, he’s so busy…? You can’t win!” Simon Jordan slams.

“If he wasn’t busy and getting his hands dirty, then people would be saying ‘well, what’s he doing then?”

Gary Neville had also questioned some of the American’s transfer decisions such as the move to sign Brighton left-back, Marc Cucurella.

Of course, Simon Jordan coming to the defense of Boehly is not surprising considering Jordan himself was once a club owner with Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace are set to face Arsenal today in the Premier League by 8:00 PM.


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