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Cristiano Ronaldo Goes On Rampage, Exposes Manchester United



Condition Before Man United Terminates Cristiano Ronaldo’s Contract

It will sadly take no genius to know things aren’t sitting well at Manchester United for Cristiano Ronaldo and certainly between the Portuguese star and manager, Erik ten Hag despite the media antics to shadow things behind the scene.

And like anyone might guess, it only takes a while for the truth to eventually come out, and now it has, from the horse’s mouth or for a lack of a better word; the GOAT’s mouth as Cristiano Ronaldo expresses his true feelings about the club and certain individuals connected to Manchester United to the media.

According to controversial publication, The Sun, Cristiano Ronaldo has blasted the lack of evolution in Manchester United, and how the club and certain individuals like Wayne Rooney betrayed him.

“I feel betrayed by Man United.” He said in a big statement in an exclusive interview with celebrity friend Piers Morgan on @piersmorganuncensored.

“Manchester United tried to force me out. Not only the manager, but also the other guys who are around the club. I felt betrayed”.

Cristiano Ronaldo Goes On Rampage, Exposes Manchester United

“I feel that some people didn’t want me at Manchester United, not only this year but last season too”.

“I don’t have respect for Erik ten Hag because he doesn’t show respect for me, it’s simple”.

On Manchester United legend, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo did not hold back his feelings for his former Manchester United comrade, stating of the former Derby County coach:

“I don’t know why he criticizes me so badly . . . probably because he finished his career and I’m still playing at high level. I’m not going to say that I’m looking better than him. Which is true . .”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s statement is sure to shake and explode the interview from now on with lots of pundits gearing to come at or in support of the Manchester United. For Manchester United, we could see a drastic action taken by the club after the world cup.