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Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes to fans, confirms Euro 2024 His last



Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes to fans, confirms Euro 2024 His last

As the day nears, so does the inevitable, and for Cristiano Ronaldo, it appears the inevitable may just be closing in on his football career.

In a heartfelt revelation, Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has announced that Euro 2024 will mark his final appearance in the European Championships. The 39-year-old football legend made this emotional admission following Portugal’s dramatic last-16 victory over Slovenia, which was decided by a tense penalty shootout.

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Ronaldo had a chance to score during extra time but saw his penalty brilliantly saved by Slovenia’s Jan Oblak. Despite this setback, the veteran striker showed resilience by converting his spot-kick in the shootout, contributing to Portugal’s progression as goalkeeper Diogo Costa saved three consecutive penalties.

Addressing reporters after the match, Ronaldo expressed a mixture of regret and determination.

Cristiano Ronaldo apologises after scoring penalty in tense Euro 2024 shootout, sparks outpouring of sympathy - Watch | Football News - Hindustan Times

“This will be my last Euro, of course,” he stated. “But I’m not moved by this. I’m moved by enthusiasm. I was sorry for the fans. I’ll always give my best for this shirt, whether I miss it or not. And I’ll do this my whole life. You have to take responsibility.”

The declaration marks the end of an era for one of football’s most iconic figures. Ronaldo’s career in the European Championships began in 2004, and over the past two decades, he has become the first player to feature in six Euros. Despite his illustrious career, the pressure and expectations have not diminished, and Ronaldo’s commitment to his national team remains unwavering.

Throughout Euro 2024, Ronaldo has faced intense scrutiny and criticism, particularly regarding his lack of goals in the tournament so far. His missed penalty in extra time against Slovenia added to the narrative of his struggles. However, his ability to regroup and score in the shootout demonstrated his enduring resolve and leadership.

Ronaldo’s apology to the fans underscored his awareness of the high expectations placed upon him. “I was sorry for the fans,” he reiterated.