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Crisis erupt over “Sultan of Shuwa Arabs of Edo state” coronation




Plans by some Shuwa Arabs, an ethnic group from Borno, to crown Idris Adanno as the Sultan of Shuwa Arab of Edo State, is generating palpable tension across the Benin Kingdom.


The coronation ceremony is slated to hold on Saturday, 21 August, 2021, at Rialto Hotel, Eyaen, a suburb of Benin City.

The hotel is owned by a Duke in Benin Kingdom, HRH Osazuwa Iduriase. Invitation card to the coronation ceremony, sighted on Facebook, has triggered some outrage.

The new invitation to instal second Sultan of Shuwa Arabs in Edo triggers furore

Prominent Benin youths who reacted on Facebook, condemned the planned coronation of a Sultan within the ancient Kingdom.

But unknown to many people in the state, the Shehu of Borno on 4 August this year, turbaned Adam Harun and gave him the same title.

Benin people are now just being aware of the latest move, which is indicative of a schism in the Shuwa Arab community in the state.

In his reaction, the President of Benin Solidarity Movement (BSM), Elder Curtis Eghosa Ugbo, said Benin indigenes will do whatever it will take to resist what he described as “evil act” by persons who are bent on fomenting trouble.

“This will never happen in Benin Kingdom, we are Benin,” Ugbo added.

Also reacting, the Coordinator-General of Great Benin Descendants (GBD), Imasuen Izoduwa said the organization would meet and lock up the hotel-venue of the coronation, for allowing “such nonsense” in the land.

“We will meet later today so we can lock up that hotel by tomorrow or next for allowing such nonsense in our land. Enough is enough, I will no longer take any of this in our Kingdom,” he said.

Comrade Amos Ehinomen Uagbor said: “Is this obtainable elsewhere ?
We should now have OBA and Sultan in Edo state ? Infact, the venue should be sealed`’.

Efforts to reach mobile phones numbers on the card for a reaction failed, as calls made to them failed to connect.

The planned installation of Idriss Adanno as Sultan of Shuwa Arab may be a response to the turbanning of Adam Harun for the same title by the Shehu of Borno.

On 4 August, the Shehu of Borno, Dr Alhaji Abubakar Ibn Garbai Al’amin Elkanemi, performed the ceremony in Maiduguri.

That some Shuwa Arabs are staging another show, less than three weeks after, is indicative of a division amidst the Shuwa Arabs living in Edo State.

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