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COVID-19 Omicron: Nigeria, South Africa should shut borders- Moghalu



Former presidential aspirant, Kingsley Moghalu has urged Nigeria and South Africa government to reciprocate travel bans by western countries and shut their borders.

Kingsley Moghalu said this following the travel ban handed to Nigeria by Canada, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Many developed countries have been shutting their doors against African countries due to the newly detected coronavirus variant in South Africa.

The UK announced that it found 21 cases of the COVID-19 Omicron variant which were linked to Nigeria.

It further confirmed that all flights from Nigeria from Monday would be restricted. All pending visa applications in Nigeria have also been suspended.

Moghalu in a post on his Twitter page wrote: “Nigeria and other African countries such as South Africa should issue reciprocal restrictions or bans on any Western countries that restrict or ban travel by Africans because of the Omicron variant of #COVID19.”

“This is more than public health. It is about worldviews in international relations. Our dignity matters. Our leaders should protect it instead of as is the case with Nigeria today, traveling around the world with a begging bowl for foreign assistance,” his tweet read.

Meanwhile, the Nigerians government has said there is no need for travel ban over concerns of Omicron variant.

The health minister said other measures could be put in place, adding that most COVID-19 positive cases in Nigeria are from the UK.

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