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Controversy Erupts as Man Accepts $110k Offer to Give Wife to Stranger for a Night



In a shocking turn of events, a man has sparked widespread controversy and disbelief after accepting an offer to give his wife to a stranger for a night in exchange for a staggering sum of $110,000.

The incident, captured in a viral video clip, has generated intense discussion and divided opinions among netizens.

The video shows an unidentified stranger approaching the couple and making an audacious proposition to spend a night with the man’s wife.

Initially hesitant, the husband declined when the offer was a substantial $100,000.

However, the stranger upped the ante by producing a box filled with $110,000, making the proposition all the more enticing.

Caught in a dilemma, the husband engaged in a deliberation with his wife, weighing the pros and cons of accepting such an unconventional and morally questionable arrangement.

Eventually, succumbing to the allure of the substantial sum of money, the man made the shocking decision to allow the stranger to spend a night with his wife.

The video has ignited a firestorm of reactions online, with netizens expressing a wide range of emotions.

See some of the reactions below:


Pengmanofficial said: “This relationship is done. The husband is cheap, the wife is cheap. But na the woman lose pass.”


PrinceAbbey reacted: “Oh no, the guy not a man.”


Nathan_oji commented: “I was initially angry that he would even entertain the idea and disrespect but when she said “It’s ur call babe, u say it, u say the word”, I knew both of them were a result of a failed sexual experiment.


If only they knew about money ritual, they would’ve used each other since.”


Olamzzzz said: “Lot of couples do it for less. Contract, Job opportunity, Debt repayment, Traveling chance (japa included) Protection. It looks intriguing here because this is social media.”


Dammy_drey_ reacted: “Na wetin I dey always talk. If they ask you to do something for money and the money is right in front of you (cash) you go think twice walahi. If the guy asked the questions without showing him physical money he’d have said NO.”


IamSeanBreezy said: “Funny enough these are the things that happen in a daily in real life, women leave men for lesser price, omo see test of trust, I go collect am oo coz even if I don’t she’ll still find the man and do it behind my back, 100grand + 10 is a good business.”


Fudylee said: “I will tell my woman I’m not in for it, then ask her if she would do, I will even tell her I will follow her decision. As woman she go gree I go collect money 8am in the morning she no go see me. Sope otilo.”



See the video below

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