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Conspiracy trails Liverpool’s goals versus Leicester City



Conspiracy trails Liverpool goals versus Leicester City

Liverpool versus Leicester City endured quite the controversy as rival fans of the Reds begin to form conspiracy theories.

Football enthusiasts were left astounded as Curtis Jones’ second goal in Liverpool’s match against Leicester City was allowed to stand despite apparent offside claims, adding fuel to the ongoing debates surrounding VAR decisions.

The controversy unfolded during Monday Night Football, as Howard Webb provided insight into the conversations between referees and VAR officials in the Premier League for the first time.

While the discussion shed light on the inner workings of VAR, many fans felt the revelations were inconsequential as Webb primarily focused on decisions that lacked controversy.

Nonetheless, the evening quickly provided fans with yet another contentious incident to dissect. Liverpool and Leicester clashed in a crucial encounter with contrasting stakes, as Jurgen Klopp’s side fought for a spot in the Champions League while Leicester aimed to avoid relegation.

In the 33rd minute, Curtis Jones found the net, prompting VAR to review the goal for potential offside infractions. However, the check yielded no issues in the build-up, allowing the goal to stand.

Merely three minutes later, Jones struck again, but this time, numerous spectators were convinced that he had strayed beyond the last defender. To their disbelief, the officials at Stockley Park awarded the goal, sparking widespread bewilderment.

“How the f**k is that not offside?!” questioned one dismayed fan, echoing the sentiments of many.

A conspiracy theory suggesting bias towards Liverpool surfaced, with a supporter claiming,

“Of course it stood. Blatantly offside. Desperate to get Liverpool in the top four.” Another fan expressed astonishment, stating, “Curtis Jones again, despite looking totally obviously offside.”

Concerned about their own team’s position in the race for the Champions League places, a Newcastle United supporter remarked,

“Two possible offside goals… nah it’s Livarpool… both onside.” A Manchester United fan in a similar situation voiced frustration, accusing the officials of favoritism:

“Like how exactly is that not offside? You can literally see it! This is beyond a joke, operation get Liverpool into the top four well and truly on.”

Another incensed individual exclaimed, “That’s fing offside!!!!! By a mile! You don’t need fing lines for that! liVARpool!! Bollocks!!”

Before Monday’s match, Jurgen Klopp’s team had secured six consecutive victories, intensifying the pressure on the two Uniteds above them in the league standings.

Conspiracy trails Liverpool goals versus Leicester City

Manchester United’s recent triumph had placed them four points ahead of Liverpool, while Newcastle occupied a similar position after dropping points against Leeds United.

Liverpool’s win over Leicester brought them within a single point of their rivals, though third and fourth place teams would retain a game in hand.

The situation remains dire for Leicester, as a defeat would leave them two points adrift from safety with only two matches left to play.

The controversy surrounding the disputed goal adds yet another layer of intrigue to the Premier League’s final stages, leaving fans eagerly anticipating how the season’s remaining fixtures will unfold.