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Christ Embassy fire: “We’ll build a bigger church” Oyakhilome breaks silence as Lagos hints on demolision [VIDEO]



Christ Embassy burns Oyakhilome promises bigger church

The Christ Embassy church in Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos, was severely damaged by a fire on Sunday morning. The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) has indicated that the building may be demolished if it fails an integrity test. Meanwhile, the church’s founder, Rev Chris Oyakhilome, has promised to rebuild a bigger and better structure.

The fire started around 7:30 am and was quickly attended to by emergency responders, preventing it from spreading to nearby buildings. Despite the quick response, parts of the church had to be demolished to access and extinguish the flames completely.

Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu, LASEMA’s Permanent Secretary, addressed the media at the scene. He stated that the fire caused significant structural damage, leading to visible cracks in the walls. An integrity test will be conducted to determine if the building is safe to remain standing. “We cannot demolish at this moment until an integrity test is carried out. If it is not safe, then we will take the next action,” Oke-Osanyintolu said.

He praised the cooperation between LASEMA and the church, which helped manage the situation effectively. Although the church had basic firefighting equipment and trained personnel, the presence of highly flammable materials, such as curtains, contributed to the fire’s intensity.

Rev Chris Oyakhilome, speaking during a live service at the church’s campground in Asese, Ogun State, saw the incident as an opportunity for growth. “Nothing happens in the life of a child of God by accident. We will build a bigger, better, and more glorious church,” he declared, recalling how the church survived the 2001 Ikeja cantonment bombing incident and was strengthened afterward.

The absence of worshippers during the fire, except for a few meeting attendees, prevented any casualties. Ibitayo Adenike, Head of the Search and Rescue Unit of the Lagos Territorial Office of the National Emergency Management Agency, noted that this was a key factor in avoiding injuries.

Margaret Adeseye, Director of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service (LSFRS), confirmed that an investigation is underway to determine the fire’s cause. She assured that updates would be provided as more information becomes available.

The fire at Christ Embassy has been a significant event, but with the promise of rebuilding, the church community is looking forward to a new chapter. The spirit of resilience and cooperation shown by both the church and emergency responders highlights a collective commitment to recovery and growth.

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