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Chinese woman trying for a boy dies after 4 abortions in a year



An East China woman has died after she fell ill due to four abortions in one year because her husband wanted her baby to be a boy.

Quoting a newspaper report, South China Morning Post reports that her husband divorced her after she fell ill following the abortions.

The woman who is from a county near Wuhu in Anhui province, used the 170,000 yuan ($2,500) divorce settlement to seek treatment in Shanghai, but unfortunately, the doctors weren’t able to save her.

The report stated that her former husband did not visit her in hospital and is now planning to marry another woman.

The woman’s family was said to have carried her her ashes to the man’s house but he hid out at a neighbour’s place until they were all gone.

Traditional Chinese culture favours boys over girls but Chinese law states that doctors are not allowed to tell parents the sex of their unborn child. However unlicensed medical practitioners who operate illegally are said to inform women of the sex of their babies.

The report stated that she found out the sex of the babies through x-ray

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