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Chelsea Fans thank Agent Jorginho as Arsenal’s Title Hopes fade



Chelsea Fans thank Agent Jorginho as Arsenal's Title Hopes fade

Jorginho coming to Arsenal and Arsenal then going on to lose the league, it’s all connected as Chelsea fans praise ‘Agent Jorginho’ for job well done.

Arsenal’s hopes of clinching the Premier League title came crashing down on Saturday evening after their defeat to Nottingham Forest, leaving Chelsea fans attributing their failure to “Agent Jorginho.”

For the second time in a week, Arsenal suffered an unexpected loss, this time succumbing to a 1-0 defeat against Nottingham Forest. These defeats effectively handed Manchester City their third consecutive Premier League title before even playing their next fixture.

The Gunners’ recent form has been a cause for concern, as they have only managed to accumulate nine points out of the available 24 since April 8th. Meanwhile, City’s relentless momentum has seen them claim a perfect 21 points from 21.

Despite City’s remarkable performance, some have argued that Mikel Arteta’s side faltered in the title race after being 11 points clear at one stage. This lead was held in January before facing Manchester City, a team that emerged victorious in both encounters.

During the winter transfer window, Arsenal sought to bolster their squad by adding depth, resulting in the signing of Jorginho from Chelsea. The Italian midfielder scored a crucial goal during Arsenal’s campaign, but it is his transfer to a rival club while they were still five points clear, with a game in hand, that has pleased Chelsea fans.

Delighting in their perspective, Chelsea fans expressed their gratitude towards Jorginho. “He’s HIM! The self-made agent,” exclaimed one fan joyously. “Arsenal were in the clear when they welcomed Jorginho to the squad. Mission accomplished.”

“Thank you, Jorginho, for everything. What a loyal servant you’ve been to Chelsea over all these seasons. All the best,” added another fan appreciatively.

A third supporter proclaimed, “Agent Jorgi. Once a Blue, Always a Blue.”

In a playful manner, a fourth fan remarked, “Agent Jorginho. Your mission is over. Return to base.”

Another fan humorously observed, “Big fan of Jorginho coming in and pointing and directing Arsenal from being 5 points clear with a game in hand to 4 points behind having played two extra games.”

Apologizing for their initial doubts, a sixth fan admitted, “Sorry I ever doubted you, Jorginho. Proper Chels.”

While Chelsea has endured a challenging season themselves, Blues fans found solace in Jorginho’s contribution and the recent struggles of their former manager, Thomas Tuchel.

Tuchel’s Bayern Munich appeared to jeopardize their Bundesliga title chances with a loss to RB Leipzig, leaving Borussia Dortmund with an opportunity to dethrone the reigning champions by winning their remaining two games.

However, Chelsea supporters will have less reason to celebrate when their team has to honor Manchester City with a guard of honor on Sunday, trailing a massive 42 points behind their dominant opponents.

As Arsenal’s title dreams fade, Chelsea fans find amusement in their rival’s misfortune, even as they face their own disappointments this season.