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Chelsea are now Panic buying—Jamie Carragher



Chelsea are now Panic buying—Jamie Carragher

Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher has accused London club, Chelsea of panic buying in the transfer market ahead of the coming season.

This comes in response to the club going after left-back, Marc Cucurella from Brighton, with the former defender noting that the Blues were now buying whoever they see and was available.

Jamie Carragher is of the belief that the players the owner, Todd Boehly is going after are not important to the club as the club might think.

The former Reds defender explains that an evidence of panic buying lies in the pursuit of Marc Cucurella when the club still has Ben Chillwell under its ranks as well as Marcus Alonso.

Chelsea are now Panic buying—Jamie Carragher Chelsea are now Panic buying—Jamie Carragher

“I think the way most football clubs are run now, it’s a lot more organized, a lot more sort of, you know, who you want, it’s not sort of these panic things that used to happen in the past and people just go buy and you’d look at it.

“I look at a couple of things Chelsea do and I’m just thinking, is it a panic because you haven’t bought someone and you’ve got to get someone?

“You bought Ben Chilwell for £50m and then you’re trying to get another left back, like you didn’t want them a month ago, you want them now,” he said on Sky Sports.

The summer transfer window has so far become disjointed for a lot of clubs as many businesses have failed to go on in the direction many would want, with some prone to panic buying in efforts to keep up with rivals.