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Chelsea and Todd Boehly don’t know what they are doing—Gary Neville



Crystal Palace former Owner, Simon Jordan defends Todd Boehly

The situation with Chelsea is one that even Manchester United legend, Gary Neville is frustrated with as he slams Chelsea and Todd Boehly, its owner as not having a plan.

The criticism comes in response to Chelsea’s recent transfer activity where in the club has been linked to a number of players with the owner who is the pseudo Sporting director finding it difficult to complete deals on time.

Chelsea due to such situation, has found themselves trying to play catch ups as their deals get hijacked, stalled or the Blues move on to try and hijack other deals from rival clubs.

According to Neville, the United legend notes that he keeps hearing Chelsea and Todd Boehly names very too often, accusing the owner of signing players without giving it a thought.

The former defender likens the action with his own club’s owners, the Glazers and Ed Woodward, Manchester United’s famed Sporting Director.

Chelsea and Todd Boehly don't know what they are Doing Chelsea and Todd Boehly don't know what they are Doing

Neville states that the American billionaire wants to play football manager ahead of Thomas Tuchel with Chelsea.

Speaking on The Overlap, Neville said:

“The American guy [Todd] Boehly looks like he wants to play football manager.

“There is a bit of something in him. He is wandering around a little bit and they are a bit panicky now.

“You are wondering ‘oh they are coming in for De Jong this morning’ because he feels like he has to do something, that pressure is on him.

“He would not have had that pressure if he would have kept the people that have been there before and just let them operate for a year or two, but it will be an interesting season for Chelsea. Obviously, they have lost a few defenders as well. They might even lose more to Barcelona.”

He added, “They [Chelsea] are almost bouncing around because it feels like he [Todd Boehly] has to do something.

“I’m hearing his name too much. It feels like, it is not to be disrespectful, you know he is a prominent guy, he just bought the club and everything.

“He is fronted a fund that is paid two and a half billion quid, but to get rid of all that football operation that has been unbelievable for that many years and come in and do it yourself, it does feel like Ed Woodward to me. We will see it develop.

Chelsea and Todd Boehly don't know what they are Doing

“I mean, look, let’s be clear, firstly – they are [Chelsea] reacting to what is available and what other clubs are doing.

“Secondly, you hear his [Boehly] name too much and he is too prominent. You look at what Manchester City and Liverpool are doing, [Txiki] Begiristain at City is their sporting director.

“Some people might not even know that. Some people do know that, but some people never even hear him, never even see him, but they get their business done quickly and efficiently.

“When clubs are working well, you don’t hear who is signing the players. You just sign them.

“Chelsea have got that sort of, Manchester United under The Glazers, Ed Woodward, ‘I am taking over, I am the man now’, ‘I am going to go out and basically buy the players’ and then they are linked with every player that Barcelona want, every player that City want, every player that United want.”