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To Cheat or Not To Cheat? Cheating versus Faithful



I do not subscribe to cheating because it is not a thing of joy or prestige but something that will definitely land you in a state you wish you never got yourself in but if you so need to cheat; you had better be ready for the bad dose of heartache and guilty trips you will have. So think before your act! You have to ask yourself a lot of questions before you proceed with the “cheating thing”.

  • Do I really love my partner? If you do love him/her, think twice before you cheat on him/her. If you are not sure about your love, then there is a problem in your relationship and you better find it what it is and try to fix it before you do something you would regret!
  • Do I have a problem with my sex life? Should you be having sex before marriage in the first place; should be the question that will help you answer that question but if you know that BOTH of you can’t do your religious duties then I suggest you seduce him/her, if that doesn’t work I guess you may proceed to find someone who will understand you and your needs!
  • Is my partner related to the person I am about to cheat on him/her with? Let’s hope he/she is not. If he/she is, then run away from him/her as fast as you can! Remember, if your partner knows the person that you are about to cheat on him/her with, cancel the mission immediately!
  • Are there any chances that my partner may come in contact with the “person”? You should be really careful! Do not cheat on your partner with someone that you have met at the same place your partner goes. Don’t cheat with someone who participates in the same activities with your partner. Be sure that they don’t have anything in common. And it’ll be a lot better if they live in different towns. Make sure that this “someone” meets all these requirements!
  • Am I drunk? Should you even be drinking, if you must then, it’s time for you to check your integrity. How much alcohol have you guzzled? Start up with a few tests. Try to touch your nose with your hand in a single line. If you pass that test, go for the second one: try to walk an imaginary line; if you get through this, then you can think clearly. If not, step away from this person, he/she is just trying to take advantage of you.
  • Have I taken the appropriate precautions? Be sure that the last thing you want after this; is a kid or a strange sickness! Whatever you do, make sure that you always have a condom with you so you can avoid bad accidents! Always remember that AIDS is still around and it does not give a break to anyone!
Having answered all these questions and you actually decide to cheat, note that you:
  1. Always have an Alibi each time you are doing the ‘cheating thing’ and be sure to let you alibi know that you are using them and what the plan is for the night.
  2. Do not go on a date somewhere close to your apartment or your partner’s apartment or anywhere you and your partner have been or where your friends might be, your alibi story will grow suspicious once a friend catches you there.
  3. Keep your partner happy to avoid any form of suspicion, and make sure your routine doesn’t change because once there is a ‘break in transition,’ it gives room for trust reduction which you and I know is hard to build back.
  4. When you are out on your date make sure you call to check in with your partner at least once during the duration of your outing as to not raise any suspicion.
  5. Try to be honest; you don’t want to be caught with your pants down. It is really a pointer if you tell the person you are cheating with that you are in another relationship. You would be surprised at how many people will date you for that; that way you can ‘conveniently lie’ to your partner right in front of whoever you are cheating with if you have the misfortune of been caught.

NOTE: Cheating on partner is not a good thing, but if you ever are in such a situation (for example when you are on holidays with your friends, want to desperately get back at him/her, or in a professional trip), have these questions in mind. It is nice if you can avoid the “traps”, but believe me, cheating is something you always regret, maybe not now but at some point in your life. If you become (note I didn’t say ‘fall’ because I believe that if you fall in love, it is easy to fall out of love, but if you ‘become in love’ or if you ‘are in love,’ the chances of you being out of love is very hard and difficult) in love with the new person you have met, then this is another story and the best thing you can do is to break up with your current partner. Good luck with your new fling and have a lovely rest of the month!

This article was written By Patricia Ikenma