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Chat GPT Helps Man With Good Apartment



Venture Capital Firm CEO identified as Daniel Dippold reportedly finds a good apartment in Berlin with the help of Chat GPT.

The 28-Year-Old  who runs a venture capital firm called EWOR, and his girlfriend had a tough time finding an apartment to rent in Berlin.

They searched for four long months but couldn’t find anything they liked on popular housing websites like Immo Scout24, immowelt, and Immonet. They also reached out to their contacts for help, but unfortunately, none of them had any good leads.

“I got really worried because there was literally no one able to provide a flat,” Dippold revealed.

After toiling hard for months, Dippold turned to ChatGPT for help. He asked the chatbot to provide him with 20 ideas on how to find an apartment using a clever and technology-focused approach instead of relying solely on online platforms.

The chatbot came up with various suggestions, such as setting up automated alerts on housing websites and creating a machine-learning system to determine the areas with the best deals.

Although some of these ideas sparked Dippold’s interest, he found that many of them weren’t practical. So, he asked ChatGPT for 40 more suggestions. Eventually, he found his favorite suggestion: creating a comprehensive database containing information about all the public and private property managers in Berlin. This way, he could directly reach out to them for potential housing options.

“When I was really exhausted looking for a flat in Berlin, I figured, ‘Hey, can I build something that makes it easier for me potentially with GPT?’” he wondered. It worked,” he said.

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