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Cause drama in your relationship – Toke Makinwa sparks outrage with relationship advice



Following her controversial stance that having a relationship with a stingy man is like disease, Popular Nigerian vlogger and radio presenter, Toke Makinwa has stirred up the hornet’s nest on social media for advising ladies to pick “unnecessary” fights with their partners to spice up their relationships.


In a video that surfaced online, the media personality revealed she had a tendency to “stir things up” owing to her zodiac sign (Scorpio). She also advised ladies to add some drama to liven up their relationships.

“I’m Scorpio and when you’re dealing with a Scorpio chick, you know that we are quite crazy. Yeah, we are bat-shit crazy. I’m the kind of bitch that will piss my man off just because I like to f*ck with his day. Most especially on days when he can’t afford to be pissed off, maybe he has an important meeting or he’s meeting with important people or he’s about to close off a deal. I’m that bitch that will bring hell that day,” she said.

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“It’s just what I do, I piss you off and we argue for nothing and when I know you’re in that important meeting, forming vex, going on with your day trying to forget about me, I’m that bitch that will send you that raunchy picture, yeah and I will ask you what are you pissed about again? It’s my way of saying good luck.

“You ladies should try it sometimes. Cause some drama in your relationship. Life is boring when everything is just peaceful. Fck shit up just because you can. When he’s acting like this girl is so fcking stressful and I can’t do this anymore, send him that really steamy, hot, spicy picture and be like, why are you so mad? This is what you’re going to be missing. It always works.”


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