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Carlo Ancelotti owes Champions League an apology



Carlo Ancelotti owes Champions League an apology

The world was promised an exciting Champions League fixture between Manchester City and Real Madrid at the Etihad, but for some reason, Carlo Ancelotti denied millions of football lovers that which they craved.

It would be an understatement classifying the abysmal performance of Real Madrid against Manchester City as deserving of a Champions League status, considering without the badges on both teams, this fixture could easily have been mistaken for a lower league cup game.

From the kick off to the final whistle, the Cityzens held dominance of the game, giving Real Madrid little to no chance to find their feet or steal a win like they had done a season back.

Carlo Ancelotti was believed to have brought the magic back to Real Madrid. Of course when he made the double of the La Liga, and Champions League last season, the world was on his feet and the cigarette in his lips but if anything was to be taken from the Los Blancos’ performance in this game and the games a season ago, it presents a very strong argument of Ancelotti having rode on the name ‘Real Madrid’ to achieve the goals they did last season.

But like the saying goes; ‘once beaten, twice shy’, Manchester City were sure to show the world Real Madrid under Carlo Ancelotti were nothing special but the name.


With a possession percentage of 61 against 39, Manchester City dominated the Champions League final striking 8 shots on target to force Thibaut Courtois once more to play hero with countless saves to keep the score line from being an embarrassment.

The embarassment however could not be hidden as City were able to net 4 goals past the Belgian goal keeper despite his efforts to mend the scores.

Bernardo Silva came in with the early strikes, opening Manchester City with a 2-0 lead before the half-time whistle, with defender Manuel Akanji and substitute, Julian Alvarez leaving it late to bury Carlo Ancelotti and his team.

Heading into the game, the mind games were played. Carlo Ancelotti tried very much to hide the players that were available for the fixture, and even Luka Modric going as far as bragging about the competition being the club’s birthright. Words. however are easier said, leaving a lot of questions to be asked about the Real Madrid team and what Carlo Ancelotti came into the game to achieve.

Carlo Ancelotti owes Champions League an apology

Carlo Ancelotti

It cannot be all Manchester City’s or Pep Guardiola’s brilliance, cause no matter the opposition’s brilliance, it doesn’t change the fact that this is Real Madrid we are talking about, who by every standard should be able to put up a fight rather than sit back waiting at the first opportunity to score like they have always done.

It may have worked before, but like they say, you can only stretch that luck for long before misfortune catches on, and now it has, and now, Carlo Ancelotti owes the football world and the Champions League a lot of apology.

This was by no chance the game that was promised.