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“Calling Your husband ‘ baby’ is demonic. Call your husband ‘my lord’ instead” Popular pastor says



Former secular musician turned pastor, Emmanuel Ifechukwude Okose, also known as Soul E Baba, has criticized contemporary women’s style of addressing their partners, stating that it is unscriptural and demonic.



The General Overseer of New Evidence Christian Church of God, popularly known as The Evidence Place, argued that calling one’s husband or boyfriend “baby,” “love,” “honey,” “pumpkin,” and other such names was not biblical.



Soul E Baba claimed that this was the reason why many men behaved like babies, as prophesied by their partners. He encouraged women to follow the example of Biblical Sarah and refer to their significant other as “My lord,” which, he said, would have an overwhelmingly positive effect on their lives.

According to the pastor, “All those things are not scriptural; they are demonic. Let me tell you something, when you call your husband, baby. No wonder we have so many babies, not mature men. He behaves like a baby. He doesn’t take responsibility because your prophecy is from your mouth.”

He added, “But when you call your husband or your man, ‘My lord’; lord means responsibility. Lord means I take responsibility for this environment, I provide for the woman need to be cared for.”

Soul E Baba’s remarks have generated mixed reactions on social media, with some applauding his views and others criticizing them as archaic and sexist.

Victoria Philip is not only a Journalist but also a fiction writer and script writer. She is popularly known on Facebook as Onyekachi Ikeh #fromyourfastfingers You can reach her on this number 08135853903

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