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Business Woman narrates how she was defrauded and brutalized by Land Agent in Lagos



Lagos State is filled with a lot of strange characters going about the streets and their daily lives, and with such characters, pile up strange and funny stories.

A businesswoman by the name Adeyinka Igbinoba, has narrated an encounter with a land agent she identified as Saheed Mosadoluwa of brutalizing her and her brother-in-law in the premises of his office in Victoria Garden City, Victoria Island, Lagos.

In a story sourced from ‘Punch’, Igbinoba’s sisters had paid the sum of N30m to the agent as a form of part payment to buy a piece of land.

After the payment was made to the land agent, the businesswoman then alleged a claim from her siblings that Mosadoluwa, was making attempts to swindle them, which promptly led to the family requesting a refund.

But when efforts of getting the refund proved futile, the businesswoman said her siblings immediately petitioned the matter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The case, according to Igbinoba, led to her mother intervening, with the land agent calling on the siblings to deliberate on the matter.

The land agent, summoned the family, which also included Igbinoba’s mother and brother in law to Mosadoluwa’s office which resided on Landbook Properties, Eleganza Complex, opposite VGC.

According to the businesswoman, the meeting was instead staged as a trap as the land agent had invited thugs in for the meeting too.

The meeting, on accounts by the woman, began with the family pleading the agent for a refund, which Mosadoluwa then challenged with a request that the case with the EFCC be withdrawn.

“Unknown to us, it (meeting) was an ambush. Saheed Mosadoluwa had placed his thugs around the venue. Innocently, we went to his office and my mum started by pleading with him to refund the N30m. One of my sisters was also pleading when he said we should withdraw the case from the EFCC.” Igninoba said.

It was at that point, the brother in law came into the matter, asking for a bank draft from the land agent as a form of guarantee before the case would be withdrawn. It was at this point, the land agent was said to have flared to a fit of rage.

“At that point, my sister’s husband said, if that’s what he wanted, he should issue a bank draft so we could have a guarantee before withdrawing the matter at the EFCC. I also intervened and he suddenly flared up and ordered his thugs to pounce on my brother-in-law.

“On seeing this, I brought out my phone to start recording but Mosadoluwa attacked me. He also took a plank, aimed it at my head but I dodged the attack.

“He caught up with me, kicked me with his leg and I fell to the ground. Mosadoluwa struck my ankle with the weapon and my bones shattered. It was when I stood up from the ground to run that I realized that I had sustained grievous injuries on my leg.” The woman narrated.

The land agent, according to Igbinoba, eventually wired a half of the money to her mother once he had seen the extent of her injuries.

The case still hangs on with the police and the EFCC at the moment.

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