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Buhari urges Nigerian youths to participate in politics




President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday pleads with Nigerian youths to participate in politics if they expect something different.

The President, who stated this during a virtual meeting with APC youths at the State House, Abuja, however, stressed that the future of All Progressives Congress (APC) lies in strengthening internal democracy, transparent electoral processes, pro-people policies, and programs, and value of each member’s contribution to the party’s growth.

He said the ongoing APC membership registration and revalidation across the country would ensure greater participation at the grassroots level and inclusiveness for youths.

Buhari said: “I was in Daura to revalidate my membership and I encourage you all to do the same.

“My belief and firm commitment is that politics is a game of numbers and political power truly belongs to the people. Parties are built from the ground up.

‘‘So I envisage a party that we can have transparent electoral contests, drive policies and programs that are pro-people, and most importantly, have the members determine who represents them, not some leaders somewhere.”

He assured the youths of more government policies that would accommodate their interests.

President Buhari added: ‘‘young people owe this country the responsibility to deploy their energy and creativity in every field — health, science, education, sports, agriculture, etc., and bring up innovations that would be in tandem with the changing dynamics of the world.

‘‘While I will be looking forward to a more robust engagement with young people across the country, I wish to emphasize to you all that in me, you have a major supporter.

“I will offer you my full support to grow in politics, public service, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and many other sectors because I know that the future we envisage as a country cannot happen without our youths.

‘‘In the days ahead, I will be engaging with the Minister for Youth, the National Youth Leader of the party, and others to fine-tune continuous and deliberate strategy on how to better drive a more robust youth inclusion and participation in different sectors.’’

Buhari urged youths to join the APC and thanked many who stood by the party over the years.

“I have followed with keen interest the efforts of many of you in your bid to grow our party, the APC, into a strong and long-lasting platform that would sustain progressive governance in Nigeria.

“Taking issues concerning our party seriously is commendable and shows your forward-thinking.

‘‘I am also aware of the daily toils and sacrifices many of our online warriors make on social media to defend and promote the party and government,” he concluded.


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