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Bride’s gown catches fire at wedding reception



Bride's gown catches fire at wedding reception

Bride on fire…

Talk about catching the spark on your big day, a bride’s gown caught fire during her wedding reception, causing a moment of panic among guests.

The incident, which occurred while the newlyweds were walking up the aisle, was captured on video by L.A. wedding artist and content creator, Bailey, who had been commissioned to live-paint the event.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows the just-married couple walking up an aisle adorned with lit candles as friends and family applauded their union. Suddenly, a fierce flame ignited, momentarily engulfing the bride, groom, and several guests. The swift response of attendees, who fetched buckets of water to douse the flames, prevented any serious injuries.

“I am SO relieved that no one was hurt. It’s entertaining now, but at the time it was TERRIFYING,” Bailey wrote in the caption of her video. “I was recording for content to go with the painting timelapse when this happened. I actually dropped my phone and ran to get a bucket of water.”

Bailey’s quick actions, along with those of the other guests, ensured that the fire was extinguished promptly. The bride and groom, though shaken, were unharmed and continued to enjoy their special day.


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