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Bournemouth burns Manager with Sack letter in 9-0 aftermath



Aftermath of 9-0 defeat Bournemouth sacks Coach

AFC Bournemouth showed no sentiments for their manager who brought the club back from the Championship and into the Premier League this season as they announce Scott Parker’s firing from the club.

This comes in the aftermath of the 9-0 stumping at Liverpool in the match week 4 of the Premier League.

Bournemouth who started the premier league season with a 2-0 victory against Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa, were unlucky to be paired in 3 consecutive fixtures against Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool.

The sacking of Scott Parker, sees the Englishman become the first manager to be sacked going into the season, which by far comes as a shock to fans and pundits.

Aftermath of 9-0 defeat Bournemouth sacks Coach

Some reports state the Bournemouth manager’s sack comes in response to his post-match interview to reporters immediately after the game.

It should be recalled that Scott Parker guided the club back to the top-flight after securing a second-place finish in the Championship last season.

Announcing the decision to sack the manager, Bournemouth owner stated:

“I would like to place on record my gratitude to Scott and his team for their efforts during their time with us.

“Our promotion back to the Premier League last season under his tenure will always be remembered as one of the most successful seasons in our history,

“However, in order for us to keep progressing as a team and a club as a whole, it is unconditional that we are aligned in our strategy to run the club sustainably. We must also show belief in and respect for one another.

“That is the approach that has brought this club so much success in recent history, and one that we will not veer from now. Our search for a new head coach will begin immediately.”

Aftermath of 9-0 defeat Bournemouth sacks Coach Aftermath of 9-0 defeat Bournemouth sacks Coach

Of course, the sacking of Scott Parker, divided the Bournemouth fan base, with a lot of fans criticizing the point of the sack knowing there was little to expect from the 3 run of games against Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool.

“They played 3 title contenders, seems unfair to me,” wrote one supporter on Twitter.

Another added: “Pathetic. 4 games into the season. Joke of a club.”

A third wrote: “A bit reactionary, don’t you think lads? He beat Villa and has played City, Arsenal and Liverpool since, where most teams will get no points…”

Former Liverpool coach, Gary O’Neil is set to take over as interim coach for the Wolverhampton fixture before facing Nottingham Forest.