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Bobrisky’s lifestyle needs urgent attention from Govt – Governor’s aide, Ossai Success



Bobrisky's lifestyle needs urgent attention from Govt - Governor's aide, Ossai Success

Ossai Success Ovie, the Special Assistant on Media to Gov Ifeanyi Okowa, has sought the government’s attention to crossdresser, Bobrisky’s public lifestyle.

Bobrisky's lifestyle needs urgent attention from Govt - Governor's aide, Ossai Success

Ossai Success, the media aide to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has addressed the long-trend issue with the lifestyle influencer, Bobrisky, and he has stated that the ‘shim’ has grown to be a bad influence on the youths of the nation.

Ossai asserted that the Federal Government should pay attention to the lifestyle of the crossdresser.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Ossai said;

”Bobrisky is a bad influence to our youths .

The case of Bobrisky should be looked into by the Nigeria Government because he is affecting our generation negatively.

He is a bad influence to our youths.

Today, some of our youths want to emulate him because they are seeing the kind of lifestyle he is displaying.

It seems we have lost our core value as a people.

What he is doing is against our tradition, country laws , Christianity and Muslim.

We want reduction in crime yet some persons who are acting against the law are walking freely and influencing others negatively.

The kind of lifestyle Bobrisky is living needs urgent attention from our government.

My name is Ossai Ovie Success.’


Meanwhile, media socialite and life coauch, Solomon Buchi came right at Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, after the latter stated that as a side chic, she makes sure that her man takes care of his housewife.

TopNaija had earlier reported that the crossdresser, in a way of promoting ill manners in young ladies, justified cheating in marriage, and at the same time, encouraged modern prostitution.

The crossdresser real named Idris Okuneye, had stated that he would dump his supposed lover if he (the lover) do not take care of his wife. [Read HERE if you missed it]

Reacting to Bobrisky’s statement, Solomon Buchi argued that the crossdresser is on the verge of destroying virtuous womanhood.

Solomon warned the Instagram influencer to cease leading single women astray with the ‘there is a cool and kind way to date married men’ tag.

According to him, such ideology is non-existent.

In Solomon’s words:

Bobrisky, the values you promote are putrid. You made a snapchat post saying that you won’t let any married man you’re dating to disrespect his wife. You are destroying virtuous womanhood, and what’s reprehensible is that you’re a man. A man with detachable boobs and ass.

You promote modern runs and justify cheating. Bobrisky, nobody should date a married person in the first place. That is enough disrespect to their partner. As much as they took the vow to be faithful, you don’t need to be the one who helps them break their vows.

There’s no such thing as “I’m the kind of side chick that loves my boyfriend’s wife.” no, you can’t make that up. If you love a man’s wife, you’ll stay away from him. It’s simple and short. I believe that many women who follow you, do so for entertainment purposes.

But I fear that some actually listen to the perverse and louche ‘advice’ you give to women. I’m saying this without any spite. This rebranded run that’s prevalent amongst young women must not be encouraged whether as a married man or a single girl.

Sleeping or having affairs with married people is wrong and dishonorable, no matter your semantic display. Please, think about the quality of stuff you put out there. Stop telling single women that there’s a cool and kind way to date married men. No, it doesn’t exist. Thanks man.”